Offshore Vessels Type 187


Whether used in the construction and maintenance of wind energy stations or for supplying platforms for oil and gas production, special offshore vessels are the backbone of the offshore industry.

Reliable operation even in difficult weather conditions many kilometers from the mainland presupposes high technical standards as well as excellent manufacture. In addition to these attributes our ships are characterized by flexible application, innovative technical systems and environmentally friendly drives.

  • Best benefit-ratio
  • Large cargo deck allows transportation of various components
  • Full crane operation without jacking in the harbour
  • Fuel efficient
  • Exhaust catalytic converter

Technical information

  • LENGTH 150,50 m
  • WIDTH 38 m
  • DRAUGHT (max) 7,7 m
  • DEPTH 13,2 m
  • TOTAL POWER 2×5600 kW
  • TONS DEADWEIGHT 7500 tdw
  • Crew 74 pers.
  • CRANES 1x1200t, 1x150t
  • HOLD CAPACITY 15500 m³


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